I have one pet.  She is a CAT.  I have had her since she was a wee kitten.

Not long after I moved to Palm Springs and finished remodeling the home I bought here to retire in, my neighbor asked me to come over. He said he had something that was surely mine.  As I walked up his driveway I saw he was holding a tiny kitten in his hand.  Said it had wandered into his yard and wanted to give it to me.  I gladly accepted and took her to our new home.

I named here “Kitty”.  I have had cats before and always tried to come up with some clever name but this time I decided “Kitty” would work out just fine.  Besides…. she doesn’t come when I call her anyway!

Years ago when I lived near San Francisco I adopted a cat from the Peninsula Humane Society.  She was already about 6 years old and really big.  Her breed was “Maine Coon Cat”.  She was very loving and had been de-clawed by her previous owners.

I named her “Dickens” cause she was a “Little Dickens”.

When I met Dave he had a dog.  His name was Burt.  He was a lively Welch Terrier.  He passes away in 2015 at the age of 13.  He hated cats…..